• Heritage Academy 2017
          • Heritage Academy 2017

          • Dear Heritage Family,

            We trust that you have all had a blessed Christmas and are looking forward to great 2017.

            GRADE 12 RESULTS

            We wish to inform you of the Grade 12 Results for the Class of 2016.

            The 2016 class achieved a pass rate of 91.30%.

            Of those who passed, 66.6% achieved a Bachelor's pass.

            Statements of the Grade 12 learners results can be obtained at the school from 11 January 2017.

            The Board, Principal and Staff wish to congratulate these students.

            I thank all who have supported and taught these learners throughout their lives and wish them well in the future.

            Please note that school reopens on 
            17 January 2017.

            Boarders need to return on 16 January 2017

            We look forward to a wonderful 2017 ahead!

        • Mobile users
          • Mobile users

          • Dear mobile users.

            you can check your timetable and substitution also on your mobile device. If you have iPhone,iPad or Android device, you can download native application for these platforms.

            For more info please check: mobile.edupage.org

        • TimeTables and Substitutions
          • TimeTables and Substitutions

          • Dear Students and Teachers

            you can now check the current timetable and the daily substitutions. Just click on the links at the top of the page.

        • Principal's Message
          • Principal's Message

          • Dear Staff, Parents and Learners

            Welcome back to another school year at Heritage Academy.

            Since my arrival at Heritage in July 2014 my journey has been one of a roller coaster ride with many exciting events and challenges. Thank you for welcoming me and choosing to work together with me to fulfil God’s great plan for our school. I also wish to thank the School Board for expressing confidence in me to serve in this capacity.

            I wish to congratulate all the Grade 12 learners who have passed. It is my privilege to inform you all that Heritage Academy Grade 12 learners achieved a 97 % overall pass rate with 87% of our learners receiving a Bachelor’s Degree Entrance Pass. As the results are personal we choose to share only the general information in this regard. However, with regards to Accounting, Heritage Academy has been placed among the Top 8 Schools in Kwa Zulu Natal. These are all great achievements which come as a result of the combined efforts of learners, teachers and parents. Congratulations on your combined efforts bringing you this success.

            Our ANA results in the Primary School are also a cause for celebration as we fared well above the national average. Congratulations to our Primary Educators and learners as well.

            We have set our target to aim for 100% passes in 2015 and are currently working towards this.

            I also congratulate all our students who have done well in 2014 and encourage those who have not done so well to work more diligently in order to achieve better grades. Our school’s purpose is not only directed at achieving great grades but in the development of the whole person.

            We will continue to strive to fulfil our mandate of preparing our learners not only for heaven but to serve excellently on earth as transforming agents in our nation.

            This year, Heritage Academy Celebrates 25 Years as a Christian School. This is a major milestone in our journey. During the course of the year the school will be celebrating through a number of  special events to mark this event.

            We invite all Past Learners and Staff of Heritage Academy to join us as we celebrate together. Our plan is to have an Alumni Association formalised this year to serve as a vehicle that provide continued interaction between Heritage Academy and our Alumni. Please contact us so that we can involve you in this year of celebration.

            Please diarise the dates that are in the attached document indicating our school plans for 2015.

            To our staff and learners I wish you a wonderful year ahead for growth, development and fulfilment.

            Kind regards

            Clive Lawler